Recommended Christmas Reading Print
Written by MM   
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 12:53
When the excitement gets too much,and the sink too full,sneak away and calm the festive soul.



The Big Book of Good & Bad Boys & Girls  Vol 1

Elf and Safety Manual

The Dangerous Pudding Book for Boys (published by Figgis & Plum)

Raising Penguins for Fun and Profit

Where Everyone Lives Vol  XII

Chimney Flues & Smoke Stacks by Bert Dawes

Teach Yourself Inuit

The Reindeer Elk & Caribou Handbook by Prancer & Vixen

The Bumper Book of Festive Fun

Know Your Snow by Crispen Evans

Jingle Bells & Tinnitus – A Study by Dr. AL DeWay

Cuisine for the Busy Bachelor

Zen & The Art of Sleigh Maintenance

Thermal Underwear for the Fuller Figure – A Guide

1001 Ways to Stuff a Turkey



Random Photos!

  • Chewing nails
  • Toby leaves them for dead