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Written by DJ   
Friday, 25 December 2009 12:33
With acknowledgements to The BAL Gen Sec,David Jeacock.

Tough Guy 2009

In its own words,"TG is the world's safest most dangerous taste of mental physical pain endurance toughest events and will always be a physically challenging,mentally demanding,fear inducing,visual spectacular".

Readers,then,ought not to be surprised that competitors have to agree:

"I confirm that if I should die on Tough Guy route 2009,that it is my own bloody fault for coming etc" !!

Misunderstood signs

American visitors to England in the 1950s were apparently pulled up sharply by signs proclaiming:

"Enjoy the Norfolk Broads"

Americans again

On a visit to the USA,an hotel guest was heard to say - "This hotel is underelevatorised"

It was also reported that one local DIY superstore announced that some goods had been 'deranged';this might explain the notice on an adjacent door which announced that it was - 'alarmed".

And,finally,our congratulations to the executives at Everton FC who have chosen a name for their new merchandise shop to be opened in the Liverpool City centre. It is located in the Liverpool One retail development and is to be called

Wait for it!

Everton Two.

Happy Holiday



Random Photos!

  • It takes a worried man, to sing a worried song ...
  • Glasgow team manager fails to tell 400m runner that its the hurdles