SAL Fixture 2 - North Devon Print
Written by Gordon Lester   
Friday, 02 June 2017 15:00

A short Report to accompany the shortage of athletes!

Despite the lack of person power, following an all you can eat burger the night before. The kingston cohort headed down to the track, with events on numbers and various shoes strategically placed around the venue the multiple decathlons (and more) began!

For the Men we had:

Gareth Cook

Chris Dack

Bilen Ahmet

Gordon Lester

Edward Paxton


And for the Women... Harriet Lester.


Commendations go to each and every athlete, especially Harriet having completed 17 Events, gaining 36 Points.


The team finished on 135 Points in 3rd place, having picked off Wycombe by turning up.