SAL Braunton Print
Written by Harriet Lester   
Friday, 09 June 2017 17:22

With May, came the Southern Athletics League in Braunton. All of us were worried about the weather, having travelled from the north down and others cutting across the country, we all faced heavy storms followed by bright sunshine, which didn’t bode well for the Sunday Match.

The team that travelled totalled 10. This included partners drafted in to officiate, an injured Pippa heading up the officials of Claire Wadey and Tom Matthews. Cheerleader in the form of Anna and Athletes Bilen Ahmet, Chris Dack, Gareth Cook, Ed Paxton, Harriet and Gordon Lester. More than slightly thin on the ground.

However, this did not stop us enjoying all you can eat burgers on the Saturday night in Ilfracombe with a couple of beverages too, before getting a good night’s sleep ready for what we knew was going to be a tough day.

With Sunday, came glorious sunshine! We arrived at the track to information that Wycombe had sadly not been able to travel down, leaving plenty of points up for grabs, even with such a small team, it was a bunch known for digging deep and going a bit mental! Which happened. With Chris and Gareth covering all the throws, juggling this with helping our official team and cheering everyone else on. Ed stepping into extra events on top of his usual pulling in even more points for Team Kingston. Both Bilen and Gordon ended up doing dodecathons (I may of made this word up, but it was around 12 events each, maximising on Wycombes absence), with Harriet following up the rear completing all 17 events available to a single athlete.

Unfortunately, even with everyone’s hard work, I’m sure we all went home and slept incredibly well, we still fell short of Oxford and Braunton, both of which had very strong teams and was a fight between them for 1st and 2nd place!

Although we may have had a small squad, we made up for it in team spirit and a great weekend was had by everyone!


See you all in Perivale on Saturday 17th June!