Surrey Mens CC League Division 2 Match 4/4 Print
Written by David Barrington   
Monday, 12 February 2018 11:07

February 10th 2018



There was enormous disappointment for Team Manager,Matt Hyett,for team members and for the small clutch of regular supporters on a typically foul and muddy day at Lloyd Park. Faced with an identical situation to last year at the same venue,,the outcome this season was,sadly, pretty joyless and the team must regroup for the 2018/19 season in Division Three.


We have to increase the number of available runners eligible for the League,a consideration for all concerned not just the TM,not least because we operate under a distinct disadvantage at present to most teams on Surrey – the other 8 teams in D2 can all declare 30 or more runners comfortably,whilst we have a small regular core from a maximum turnout of 21,and few,if any,YA replacements coming through. The ‘vagaries of modern life’ – injuries and other commitments etc – have left us short of a scoring 10 twice. Saturday last was no exception,with only 9,of the required 10,facing the starter. More than half of our 21 are veterans,but that is a trend across this competition,as it is across the whole country,and cannot be considered a handicap. Ask Matt Atkins.



Hats off to those who were present,not least Scott Evans(4th) and M40 Matt Atkins(18th),who led from the front in all four matches. Matt was the lead M40 over the season,and Scott was 2nd outright overall(2,2,2,4). This day,Alex Thomas was 3rd scorer(45),and was followed by Michael Huntley(49),Matt Hyett M35(55), Dave Wilby(80),Andy Arbour M45(127),Peter Wilkins M40(190) and David Greenfield M60(196). That was it,despite substantial efforts by at least half-a-dozen of those in or close to the team,in support of Matt,and in an effort to bolster the turnout – but to no avail. Andy Arbour and Peter Wilkins,both very short of training, should not have had to run,but did.

Teamwise,we were again 8th of the 9,and 8th overall and destined for D3 next season.

Our commiserations to Matt,and to wife Tukki,for all their commitment to the cause involving a massive amount of input,to those members who did compete,and to the small band of away supporters,which included Ant Budarkiewicz,Graham Huntley,Cashel Riordan and Bob McDonough this time.


Full results – – then follow Cross Country and Surrey League links.


We live to fight another day………………..please.


David Barrington