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Thursday, 05 December 2019 12:34

Coaches Code of Conduct for K&P

These Standards / Practices include the following:

  1. All athletes will be treated individually and their requirements put above those of others, and in team selections, Coaches will advise Team Managers accordingly.

  2. No Coach will try to recruit, either overtly or covertly, athletes who are already receiving coaching. If approached by an athlete receiving coaching they will refer immediately to the Coach currently providing coaching support.  Extra sessions, away from an athlete's normal coaching set up may be desirable, but this will be cleared with the athlete's regular Coach before any approach is made to the athlete or parent.

  3. Coaches will develop an appropriate working relationships with athletes based on mutual trust and respect, especially with those athletes under 18 years or vulnerable adults.

    There is a strong culture of anti-bullying in our Club. Issues related to anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and as required by Clubmark, any concerns are to be directed to our Welfare Officers: Tom Parry and Louise Doherty, whose contacts can be found on the Officers of the Club page.

  4. No coach will develop an inappropriate relationship with any athlete, particularly with athletes under 18 years or vulnerable adults, and this follows our Safe-guarding Policy under Clubmark.

    Any such relationship is damaging to the athlete, coach and entire Club and can lead to removal from K&P, England Athletics (EA) withdrawing their coaching licence and in extreme cases, criminal charges made.

  5. Athletes may move between training groups, but this is to be fully discussed with their current Coach as well as any receiving Coach prior to it occurring.  It should also be discussed with the Coaching Coordinator or Head Coach as well.

  6. Athletes progressing from Kestrel Club do so by achieving a number of points (explained elsewhere) within the Kestrels, so that we have a fair and equitable definition of when they are ready to move to a more senior group.  Information about this can be discussed with the Head Coach or Lead Coach of Kestrels.  When they are ready to make this move, the options for more senior groups will be explained and the individuals needs will be discussed within the group of suitable Coaches.

  7. If there is more than one appropriate evening group the athlete / parents will be given flyers for these groups so that they can make an informed, unpressurised decision about what is best for them.  This decision is not fixed in stone, as discussed above athletes can move between groups going forwards if this is appropriate, but at this point will need to be discussed between all involved.

As with all aspects of the Club, there are officials happy to help you through any queries you may have.  With respect to coaching, please contact either the Head Coach, Richard Holt, or Coaching Coordinator, Pat Logan.