id1073-Kingston & Poly All Time Lists Men's 4x400 Relays

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These Lists encompass the performances of First Claim members of Polytechnic Harriers from their formation in 1883 until the merger with the Royal Borough of Kingston AC in 1985 AND the First Claim performances of members of Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers (names shown in blue) from 1985 to date. Prior to the merger in 1985,the RBKAC,renamed from Surrey Ladies AC,had invited Men to rejoin and these lists do also cover that short period.

K&P ALL TIME RANKINGS (First Claim Marks Only)

4x400 metres Relay (*= 4x 440yds minus 1.1secs)

(Club Record: 3.09.2 – Colin Campbell/Bob Adams/David Clementi/Richard Beck)

(To: 3.23.4)

1) 3.09.2 Colin Campbell (46.2), Bob Adams (47.0), David Clementi (48.4), Richard Beck (47.6)

Crystal Palace 22/06/1969

2) 3.11.8* Mel Cheskin, Nick Overhead, Colin Campbell, Tim Graham

White City 27/08/1966

3) 3.13.8* Dave Stamford, Nick Overhead, Adrian Sulzer, Colin Campbell

Perry Barr, Birmingham 07/09/1968

4) 3.14.8* Adrian Sulzer, Dennis Osborne, Bob Adams, Colin Campbell

Oxford 03/05/1969

5) 3.15.2 Peter Key, Andy Ripley, Charles Wilkinson, Kim Raymond

Aldershot 25/07/1981

6) 3.15.3* Nick Overhead, Dave Stamford, Tim Graham, Colin Campbell

White City 26/08/1967

7) 3.15.5* Mike Potter, Dave Stamford, Dennis Osborne, Tim Graham

White City 31/08/1963

8) 3.15.7 Andy Ripley, Steve Hinchliffe, Peter Key, Richard Ashton

Hendon 05/08/1979

9) 3.16.3 Peter Key, Kim Raymond, Eric Shirley, Charles Wilkinson

Hull 05/06/1982

10=) 3.16.8 John Marsh, Andy Ripley, Stuart Bell, Colin Campbell

Kirkby 01/07/1972

10=) 3.16.8 Steve Hinchliffe, Andy Ripley, Phil Bray, Colin Campbell

Crystal Palace 05/07/1975

12) 3.16.9 Martin Pike, Hans Streuli, George Duffy, Arthur Wint

Perry Barr, Birm’ 30/07/1949

13) 3.17.4 Don Hanly, Steve Hinchliffe, Peter Key, Phil Bray

Haringey 07/08/1977

14) 3.18.1 Andy Ripley, Kim Raymond, Eric Shirley, Richard Ashton

Enfield 10/08/1980

15=) 3.18.2 David Barrington, Andy Ripley, John Marsh, Alan Pascoe

Crystal Palace 21/08/1971

15=) 3.18.2 John Marsh, Steve Hinchliffe, John Ratcliff, Colin Campbell

Crystal Palace 17/06/1973

15=) 3.18.2 John Marsh, Steve Hinchliffe, Stephen Oke, Colin Campbell

West London 22/07/1973

18) 3.18.3* John Jeffreys, Geoff Davis, John Brasier-Creagh, Arthur Wint

White City 19/08/1950

19) 3.18.4 Richard Demming, Peter White, Steve Hinchliffe, Colin Campbell

Wolverhampton 11/05/1974

20=) 3.19.3* George Duffy, Martin Pike, John Jeffreys, Arthur Wint

Port Sunlight 19/07/1950

20=) 3.19.3 John Marsh, Steve Hinchliffe, Peter White, Colin Campbell

Wolverhampton 04/08/1973

20=) 3.19.3 Jeff Wallace, Steve Hinchliffe, Peter Key, Phil Bray

Hendon 06/05/1978

23) 3.19.5* George Duffy, Martin Pike, R. Coxen, Arthur Wint

Fallowfield Manc’ 09/08/1947

24) 3.19.7* Charles Denroche, George Duffy, Martin Pike, Arthur Wint

White City 10/07/1948

25) 3.19.9 Peter White, Stephen Oke, Colin Campbell, Nick Overhead

Crystal Palace 02/09/1973

26) 3.20.2 Kim Raymond, Peter Key, Russell Morgan, Charles Wilkinson

Birmingham 07/08/1982

27) 3.20.4 Graeme Watson, Kim Raymond, Russell Morgan, Richard Ashton

Edinburgh 03/05/1980

28) 3.20.5* George Duffy, Ronald Day, J H M Pratt, Arthur Wint

Uxbridge 16/08/1952

29=) 3.20.7 Stuart Bell, Dennis Osborne, Colin Campbell, Bob Adams

Sale 16/05/1970

29=) 3.20.7* John Marsh, Peter White, Andy Ripley, Colin Campbell

Swansea 30/06/1973

31) 3.20.8 Kim Raymond, Hugh Gozzard, John Marsh, Charles Wilkinson

Bristol 16/08/1981

32=) 3.21.0* Dennis Osborne, David Barrington, Peter White, Stuart Bell

Woodford 22/08/1970

32=) 3.21.0 John Marsh, Colin Campbell, Steve Hinchliffe, Phil Bray

Barking 08/05/1976

32=) 3.21.0 Andy Ripley, Eric Shirley, Peter Key, Charles Wilkinson

West London 03/07/1982

35=) 3.21.1 Richard Demming, David Barrington, Steve Hinchliffe, Peter White

West London 01/06/1974

35=) 3.21.1 Charles Wilkinson, Martin Smith, Eric Shirley, Kim Raymond

Cleckheaton 23/08/1980

37) 3.21.4 Andy Ripley, Charles Wilkinson, Russell Morgan, Kim Raymond

Woodford 05/06/1983

38=) 3.21.5* David Barrington, Peter White, John Marsh, Bob Adams

Reading 03/07/1971

38=) 3.21.5 John Marsh, John Ratcliff, Richard Demming, Colin Campbell

Chiswick 02/06/1973

38=) 3.21.5 Steve Hinchliffe, David Barrington, Colin Campbell, Howard Davies

Sale 14/06/1975

38=) 3.21.5 Jeff Wallace, Gordon Wood, Phil Bray, Alan Pascoe

West London 17/06/1978

42) 3.21.6 John Marsh, Steve Hinchliffe, Andy Ripley, Colin Campbell

Enfield 28/07/1973

43=) 3.21.7 Kim Raymond, Peter Key, Robert Barrs-James, Richard Ashton

Crystal Palace 24/05/1980

43=) 3.21.7 Eric Shirley, Peter Key, Andy Ripley, Kim Raymond

Crystal Palace 14/06/1981

45=) 3.21.9 Dennis Osborne, David Barrington, Robin Barrett, Bob Adams

Edinburgh 04/07/1970

45=) 3.21.9 Kim Raymond, John Marsh, Robert Barrs-James, Charles Wilkinson

Enfield 09/08/1981

47=) 3.22.0 Peter White, John Marsh, Bob Adams, Colin Campbell

Loughborough 01/05/1971

47=) 3.22.0 Andy Vaughan, Ollie Oladele, Jon Sanders, Paul Speed-Andrews

Walton 19/09/1993

49=) 3.22.1 Stephen Oke, Peter Key, David Barrington, Peter White

Crystal Palace 04/08/1974

49=) 3.22.1 Jamie McCullagh, Draco Mkpa, Craig Price, Victor Nwagbara

Abingdon 31/07/2004

51) 3.22.2 Steve Hinchliffe, Andy Ripley, Peter Key, Kim Raymond

Woodford 28/06/1980

52) 3.22.29 Abdou Njie, Max Perex-Diaz, Will Stapleton (U20), Will Oyowe

Scotstoun 03/08/2019

53=) 3.22.3 John Marsh, David Barrington, Andy Ripley, Phil Bray

Cwmbran 10/08/1975

53=) 3.22.3 Andy Vaughan, Mark Reed, Jon Sanders, Paul Speed-Andrews

Newham 14/08/1993

55) 3.22.4 David Barrington, Dennis Osborne, Peter White, Colin Campbell

Chiswick 22/05/1971

56=) 3.22.5 Peter White, David Barrington, Andy Ripley, John Marsh

Cwmbran 31/07/1971

56=) 3.22.5 Peter Key, Hugh Gozzard, Russell Morgan, Kim Raymond

West London 09/07/1983

56=) 3.22.5 Graeme Watson, Peter Key, David Barrington, Steve Hinchliffe

Warley 21/05/1977

59=) 3.22.6* Roger Baker, Amadeo Francis, Peter Phillips, Arthur Wint

Cardiff 25/07/1953

59=) 3.22.6 Eric Shirley, Dan Corry, Phil Bray, Peter Key

Woodford 30/07/1977

61) 3.22.8 Peter White, Stephen Oke, David Barrington, Colin Campbell

Haringey 09/06/1974

62) 3.22.84 Jamie McCullagh, James Moroney, Jason-Louis Bernard, Adam Bellis

Kingston 07/06/2008

63=) 3.22.9 Steve Hinchliffe, Richard Wich, Peter White, Andy Ripley

Edinburgh 26/07/1975

63=) 3.22.9 Craig Price, Jamie McCullagh, Peter Walsh, Victor Nwagbara

Abingdon 07/05/2005

65=) 3.23.1 Jon Sanders, Andy Vaughan, Paul Speed-Andrews, Dalton Powell

Brighton 03/08/1991

65=) 3.23.1 Draco Mkpa, Jamie McCullagh, Simon Grier, Victor Nwagbara

Copthall 15/06/2003

67) 3.23.4 Martin Smith, Eric Shirley, Peter Key, Charles Wilkinson

Cwmbran 11/07/1982


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