id1110-NYAL South NW Div 1 M3 Kingston June 20th 2010 Report

Written by FS   

Indefatigable Frank's review of a fine day's sport - managing 60+ athletes.

A terrific demonstration of team spirit and sweet success

When the two leaders of the league come to town, you know that you need a massive effort to stand a chance. Our athletes responded to the challenge with the best turnout of the season – 61, with no fewer than 17 athletes making their debut at the NYAL and others making their long-awaited return to competition. While Bracknell underlined their ambitions for promotion with a dominating display, the race was on for 2nd place. And against all odds, our superb team spirit, excellent performances and the willingness to fight for every point made the difference: after trailing behind for most of the match, a late surge in the last few events took us past Wycombe. This is an unexpected and very sweet success. Final scores:

Bracknell                     612.5   points

Kingston & Poly                      456      points

Wycombe Phoenix       441.5   points

Against the very strong opposition, individuals wins were rare, but still 16 events went to K&P athletes. Our top scorers were William van Klaveren and Kiran Richards with 2 wins and Matthew Elmore with 1 win and two second places. Sweet double wins came from Jody Edwards and Issy Eno in the Shot, Vanessa Saunders and Bryony Ross in the Long Jump, and Rahannah Gillette-Vernon and Maura Maughan in the Javelin. Quite a number of AAA graded performances demonstrated the quality of the team: grade 4's by Nadia Allan (150m), Jody Edwards (SP), Issy Eno (SP), Nicole Kendall (75H and PV), Rahannah Gillette-Vernon (JT), Gaby Miles (800m), Gabriel Finch (75H and HJ), Asher Nelson (JT); grade 3’s by Nadia Allan (800m), Gabriel Finch (HJ), James Khan (HJ) and Kiran Richards (DT); excellent grade 2’s by James Khan (LJ) and William van Klaveren (JT and DT). More importantly, we had no fewer than 63(!) PB’s to celebrate. What really made the difference was that our athletes worked together as a team, beating their worries (like Nina and Nadia doing the HJ – and winning 10 points), stepping in to fill the places of missing or injured peers (like Marko doing the Shot – 3 points), and helping each other out (like Lauren providing moral and practical support for U13s in the HJ) – well done everyone!

With the help of the Rennie grill, the Williams and Stevens tables, and the cooking skills of David and Matthew Stevens, and, really, the hands of all parents, we ended the day with a well-earned chill-out of barbecue and games (the kids still were full of energy…). Who says that athletics is not a team sport - this was as spirited a team performance as you can ask for.

Our team for the day were:

U13G: Nadia Allan, Caitlin Dimbleby, Jody Edwards, Issy Eno, Nina Gibbins, Elizabeth Rennie, Frances Rennie

U15G: Laura Cook, Laura Dunkling, Lauren Edwards, Prerana Kaneri, Nicole Kendall, Bridget Langford, Jenny Miles, Gaby Orlich, Bryony Ross, Vanessa Saunders

U17W: Lucy Clacher, Ciara Franck, Rahannah Gillette-Vernon, Cathy Hensman, Maura Maughan, Gaby Miles, Jessica Tomlinson, Danielle Williams

U13B: Ari Biggart, Llewellyn Brunsdon, William Dawson, Marko Delic, Gabriel Finch, Joe Lavender, Marcus Lorde, Sammy Obitz, Nicholas Rilett, Harry Robinson, Rory Vassall, Ben Westerby

U15B: Lewis Bateman, Phillip Bearman, Matthew Broderick, Tom Dawson, Maziar Gregg, Nick Hart, Ben Houghton, James Khan, Peter Morris, Harry Oosterwyk, Tim Robinson, Matthew Stevens, William van Klaveren, Sam Vassall

U17M: Marc Arrogah, Adam Curran, Matthew Elmore, Aidan Fahey, Nicholas Koh, Ali Kokaz, Asher Nelson, Keval Patel, Kiran Richards, Nikolaj Schubert

A big thanks goes to everybody who supported the team, in particular Gill Broderick and Mary Dimbleby for their help with the team management, Susanne Dietrich, Brenda Ford, David Hillyer, Matt Hyett, Maurice Joyce, Mike May, Cashel Riordan, Peter Shilling, Debbie Vernon, Humphrey Waddington and Peter Waddington who officiated field and track all day, and David Barrington, Sheila Brackpool, Ant Budarkiewicz, Doris Dean, David Dyer, Sue Shilling and all other helpers (apologies for any omissions) for the excellent, smooth organisation of the match.

With Sunday’s result we have consolidated our mid-field position in the Division table. One last match to go – 18 July at Woodside Stadium (Watford). Easier opposition (Chiltern and Thames Valley Harriers) this time, but we will need a good turnout at the start of the summer holidays to end the season on a high.


Nadia Allan                  800m   2:37.6  3

HJ        1.05     3

150m   22.0     2

Caitlin Dimbleby          70H     15.7     3

75m     11.7     3

Jody Edwards              SP        6.31     1

Issy Eno                                   75m     12.5     NS

SP        6.27     2

Nina Gibbins                150m   22.4     4

HJ        1.10     1

LJ        3.74     4

Frances Rennie             75m     12.2     6

1200m 4:54.9  4

Laura Cook                  1500m 5:44.6  3

Laura Dunkling                       800m   2:40.5  5

Lauren Edwards                       100m   14.4     4

HJ        1.35     3

JT        4.89     5

Prerana Kaneri             DT       9.93     6

SP        5.03     4

JT        4.25     6

Nicole Kendall             75H     13.4     2

PV       2.20     1

HJ        1.20     4

Bridget Langford         1500m 5:35.4  2

Jenny Miles                  800m   2:36.3  4

Gaby Orlich                 DT       19.16   2

SP        7.64     1

Bryony Ross                200m   29.8     3

LJ        4.09     2

Vanessa Saunders         75H     14.7     4

100m   15.2     5

LJ        4.10     1

Lucy Clacher               LJ        4.49     1

300H   52.8     3

Ciara Franck                100m   13.7     1

200m   28.7     2

Rahannah Gillette_V.   SP        5.15     6

DT       13.79   2

JT        27.00   1

Cathy Hensman                        HJ        1.30     4

TJ        8.23     1

Maura Maughan          SP        5.62     2

DT       12.49   4

JT        23.88   2

Gaby Miles                  800m   2:24.3  2

3000m 11:43.4            1

Jessica Tomlinson        800m   2:36.1  6

Danielle Williams         100m   14.6     3

200m   30.1     4

HT       18.23   1

Ari Biggart                   SP        4.61     6

Llewellyn Brunsdon     100m   18.1     NS

William Dawson           100m   14.7     4

200m   31.1     4

Marko Delic                 SP        5.28     4

Gabriel Finch               75H     14.9     2

LJ        4.25     3

HJ        1.37     2

Joe Lavender               1500m 5:46.6  5

Marcus Lorde              100m   15.6     NS

Sammy Obitz               800m   2:49.9  5

Nicholas Rilett              800m   2:56.9  6

Harry Robinson                       75H     17.3     5

100m   16.3     6

1500m 5:53.5  6

Rory Vassall                 200m   35.1     6

Ben Westerby               LJ        3.53     6

Lewis Bateman             100m   12.6     5

200m   26.5     5

Phillip Bearman                       1500m 4:52.2  2

Matthew Broderick      HT       15.92   4

SP        7.46     2

LJ        4.60     6

Tom Dawson               200m   27.1     6

Maziar Gregg               JT        18.60   4

Nick Hart                     100m   16.5     6

1500m 5:23.3  6

Ben Houghton             100m   13.7     NS

James Khan                  HJ        1.61     2

LJ        5.54     3

Harry Oosterwyk         HJ        1.50     4

Peter Morris                 800m   2:32.5  4

Tim Robinson              SP        4.70     6

Matthew Stevens          400m   67.1     5

William van Klaveren  HT       21.59   2

JT        40.89   1

DT       34.12   1

Sam Vassall                  800m   2:21.0  2

400m   62.1     4

Marc Arrogah              100m   12.5     5

LJ        4.60     3

200m   24.9     4

Adam Curran               400m   63.3     6

1.5kSC 6:35.2  3

Matthew Elmore          400H   64.9     2

LJ        5.27     1

TJ        10.66   2

Aidan Fahey                200m   24.7     3

Nicholas Koh               HT       15.75   5

SP        7.86     3

Ali Kokaz                    100m   12.2     3

Asher Nelson               JT        38.72   2

DT       19.00   5

HT       21.00   4

Keval Patel                   400m   59.2     3

Kiran Richards             JT        28.92   4

DT       34.90   1

TJ        10.96   1

Nikolaj Schubert          800m   2:20.3  5

SP        5.35     6

1.5kSC 6:32.1  2


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