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For those members who were not able to collect their medals at the Presentations in September,a full list of medalists - gold,silver & bronze - is posted on the Club Noticeboard at Kingsmeadow. Those wishing to receive medals due to them should contact David Barrington.

Key:OM=Open Men/VM=Veteran Men/U20M=Under20 Men/U17M=Under17 Men/

U15B=Under15 Boys/U13B=Under13 Boys/U11B=Under11 Boys/OW=Open Women/

VW=a fast car,no,sorryVeteran Women/U20W=Under20 Women/U17W=Under17 Women/

U15G=Under15 Girls/U13G=Under13 Girls/U11G=Under11 Girls

100 OM Victor Nwagbara/VM Pat Logan/U20M James Davies/U17M Luke Wheeler/

U15B Josh Diffley/U13B Aurelien Zonzolo&Matthew Clements/OW Dominique Blaize/

VW Joan Trimble/U17W Dominique Blaize/U15G Mary Iheke/U13G(75m)Amy Ellis

200 OM Victor Nwagbara/VM Roger Bayliss/U20M James Davies/U17MLuke Wheeler/

U15B Josh Diffley/U13B Oliver Attrill/OW Sarah Harris/VW Nicki Murphy/

U20W Sasha Gordon/U17WSarah Harris/U15G Mary Iheke/U13G(150m) Lucy Jones

400 OM Jamie McCullagh/VM Roger Bayliss/U20MCraig Price/U17M Adam Rebello/

U15B Tom Stottor/OW Rachel Burbridge/VW Nicki Murphy/U20W Sasha Gordon/

U17W(300) Sarah Harris

800 OM Jamie McCullagh/VM Ant Budarkiewicz/U20M Craig Price/U17M Dina Kalonji/

U15B Tim Sagar/U13B Josh Ayres/OW Rachel Burbridge/VW Rachel Disley/

U17W Alice Brooker/U15G Mary Iheke/U13G Josie Inverdale

1500 OM Mike Maranzano/VM Ant Budarkiewicz/U20M Humphrey Waddington/

U17M Dina Kalonji/U15B Tom Stottor/U13B Josh Ayres/OW Rachel Disley/VW Rachel Disley/

U15G Harriet Owens/U13G(1200) Charlie Kelly

3000/5000 OM Paul Haywood/VM Ant Budarkiewicz/U20M Michael Huntley/U15B Tim Sagar/

OW Rachel Disley/VW Rachel Disley/

10000 OM Graham Huntley/VM Graham Huntley/OW Nicky Atkins/VW Nicky Atkins

Marathon OM Bob McDonough/VM Bob McDonough/OW Catherine Reed/VW Dawn Wotton

High Hurdles OM Mark Roberts/U20M Humphrey Waddington/U17M Matthew Field/

U15B Stuart Price/U13B Adam Wicks/OW Dominique Blaize/U20W Lana Whatley/

U17W Charlie Gale/U15G Harriet Lester/U13G Lucy Jones

Inter Hurdles OM Humphrey Waddington/U20M Humphrey Waddington/OW Rachel Burbridge/

U20W Lana Whatley

Steeplechase OM Mike Maranzano/VM Graham Huntley/OW Rachel Burbridge

High Jump OM Adam Page/VM Maurice Joyce/U20M Humphrey Waddington/U17M Matthew Field/

U15B Prathamesh Kaneri/U13B Richard Smeaton/OW Dominique Blaize/VW Nicki Murphy/

U17W Dominique Blaize/U15G Harriet Lester&Mary Iheke/U13G Lucy Jones

Pole Vault OM Mark Roberts/VM Maurice Joyce/U20M Humphrey Waddington/

OW Emma Wicks&Dani Ayres&Gunhild Vogel/VW Gunhild Vogel/U17W Emma Wick&Dani Ayres/

Long Jump OM James Heptonstall/VM John Ratcliff/U20M James Davies/U17M Luke Wheeler/

U15B Josh Diffley/U13B Richard Smeaton/OW Dominique Blaize/VW Nicki Murphy/

U20W Sasha Gordon/U17W Dominique Blaize/U15G Harriet Lester/U13G Lucy Jones

Triple Jump OM Adam Page/VM John Ratcliff/U20M James Davies/U17M Matthew Field/

U15B Prathamesh Kaneri/OW Sasha Gordon/VW Nicki Murphy/U20W Sasha Gordon/

U17W Dani Ayres

Shot OM Nic Owen/VM Horace Nelson/U20M Kyle Stevens/U17M Joe Bibby/

U15B Prathamesh Kaneri/U13B William Trimble/OW Dominique Blaize/VW Camilla Thrush/

U17W Dominique Blaize/U15G Lily Whatley/U13G Rebecca Jenkins

Discus OM Nic Owen/VM Roger Bartlett/U20M Humphrey Waddington/U17M Joe Bibby/

U15B Prathamesh Kaneri/U13B William Trimble/OW Camilla Thrush/VW Camilla Thrush

U17W Jenny Davies/U15G Amy Simmons

Hammer OM Gareth Cook/VM Maurice Joyce/U20M Rob Smith/U17M Andrew Chan/

OW Camilla Thrush/VW Camilla Thrush/

Javelin OM Felix Hatton/VM Les Hatton/U20M Humphrey Waddington/U17M Joe Bibby/

U15B Jamie Solomon/U13B William Trimble/OW Camilla Thrush/VW Camilla Thrush

U20W Sasha Gordon/U17W Emma Wicks/U15G Joelle Horner

Pentathlon OM Humphrey Waddington/U15B Josh Diffley/U13B Ben King/U11B Tim Atkins/

U17W Jenny Davies/U15G Harriet Lester


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