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Medal presentations for the Club Championships for age groups U13/U15/U17's taking place this Thursday 24th October from 6.30pm onwards during usual training sessions.

Coaches will be bringing in their groups to the cafe area when it is best convenient to receive Medals from our President David Hillyer and Long standing club member Brenda Ford.  If we could please make sure we are there throughout the evening to applaud and appreciate the efforts of this years upcoming and coming athletes.

Day: Thursday

Date: 24th October 2013

Where: Kingsmeadow

Time: 6.30pm onwards


Under 17 Men

100 G-Max Perez-Diaz/S-Nick Osman/B-Alex Parkinson

200 G-Max Perez-Diaz/S-Alex Parkinson/ - no bronze

400 G-Max Perez-Diaz/S-Gabriel Finch/B-Philip Bearman

800 G-Philip Bearman/S-Neil Wellard/B-Matt Stevens

1500 G-Neil Wellard/S-Philip Bearman/B-Max Perez-Diaz

3000 G-Neil Wellard/S-Philip Bearman/ - no bronze

100H G-Alex Parkinson/ - no silver or bronze

400H G-Philip Bearman/ - no silver or bronze

1500ST G-Philip Bearman/ - no silver or bronze

HJ G-Gabriel Finch/S-Alex Parkinson/ - no bronze

PV G-William Gwynne/ - no silver or bronze

LJ G-Alex Parkinson/S-Andrew Radnothy/B-Nick Osman

TJ G-Alex Parkinson/S-Andrew Radnothy/B-Nick Osman

SP 5k G-Rory McCann/ - no silver or bronze

DT 1.5k G-Rory McCann/ - no silver or bronze

HT 5k G-Rory McCann/ - no silver or bronze

JT 700 G-Rory McCann/ - no silver or bronze

Under 15 Boys

100 G-Jamie Howard/S-Alex Meaklim/B-Souleyman Bah

200 G-Alex Meaklim/S-Charlie Philips/B-Jamie Howard

400 G-Oscar Tyrrell/S-Aaron Bruce/B-Harry Reynolds

800 G-Harry Reynolds/S-Josh Hall/B-Aaron Bruce

1500 G-Harry Reynolds/S-Josh Hall/B-Aaron bruce

3000 no awards

80H G-Alex Meaklim/S-Oscar Tyrrell/B-Sam Sturmer

HJ G-Darren Meaklim/S x 2-Rory Vassall & Harry Morgan

PV no awards

LJ G-Alex Meaklim/S-Jamie Howard/B-Charlie Philips

TJ G-Alex Meaklim/S-Sam Sturmer/B-Harry Morgan

SP 4k G-Oscar Tyrrell/S-Souleyman Bah/B-Leon Newell

DT 1.25k G-Oscar Tyrrell/S-Leon Newell/B-Darren Meaklim

HT 4k G-Oscar Tyrrell/S-Leon Newell/ - no bronze

JT 600 G-Oscar Tyrrell/S-Harry Robinson/B-Leon Newell

Under 13 Boys

100 G-Arun Davis/S-Ben Ashmore/Bx2 Blaize Lee-Blackwood&

Guy Francis

200 G-Arun Davis/S-Ben Ashmore/B-Jorge Beltrao

300 G-Jorge Beltrao/S-Sam Shaw/B-Ben Paton

800 G-Sam Shaw/S-Jorge Beltrao/B-Ben Paton

1500 G-Sam Shaw/S-Daniel Merighi/B-Matthew Hall

75H G-Sam Shaw/S-Ben Paton/B-Ben Ashmore

HJ Gx2-Sam Shaw& Ben Ashmore/B-Gregor Hooke

PV no awards

LJ G-Arun Davis/S-Ben Ashmore/B-Gregor Hooke

TJ no awards

SP 3.25k G-Luke Newell/S-Ben Paton/B-Gregor Hooke

DT 1k G-Luke Newell/S-Ben Paton/B-Blaize Lee-Blackwood

HT 3.25k no awards

JT 400 G-Charlie Dugdale/S-George Medd-Tacon/B-Luke Newell

Under 17 Women

100 Gx2 Laura Darcey & Louise Trott/no silver/B-Caitlin Dimbleby

200 Gx2 Laura Darcey & Elle-Louise Butcher/no silver/

Bx2 Caitlin Dimbleby & Charlotte Davies

300 G-Laura Darcey/S-Caitlin Dimbleby/B-Elle-Louise Butcher

800 G-Phoebe Law/S-Elle-Louise Butcher/B-Bridget Langford

1500 G-Phoebe Law/S-Laura Dunkling/B-Bridget Langford

3000 G-Phoebe Law/no silver or bronze

80H G-Laura Darcey/S-Ellie Arnfield/B-Louise Trott

300H G-Laura Cook/S-Ellie Arnfield/B-Louise Trott

1500ST G-Phoebe Law/S-Ellie Arnfield/no bronze

HJ G-Laura Darcey/S-Phoebe Callaghan-Mills/B-Laura Cook

PV G-Caitlin Dimbleby/Sx2 Amber Dummett & Laura Cook

LJ G-Laura Darcey/S-India Coomber/B-Ellie Arnfield

TJ G-Caitlin Dimbleby/S-Elle-Louise Butcher/B-Amber Dummett

SP G-Saskia Fitzpatrick/S-Charlotte Davies/B-Elle-Louise Butcher

DT G-Phoebe Law/S-Joanna Lennon/B-Caitlin Dimbleby

HT G-Joanna Lennon/S-Louise Trott/B-Prerana Kaneri

JT G-Phoebe Law/S-Laura Cook/B-Caitlin Dimbleby

Under 15 Girls

100 G-Ella Eze/S-Mica Powell/Bx2 Chloe Kimber & Amelia Steans

200 G-Ella Eze/S-Mica Powell/B-Amelia Steans

800 G-Mollie O’Sullivan/S-Lucille Fletcher/B-Charlotte Nossiter

1500 G-Lucille Fletcher/S-Rebecca Keddie/B-Charlotte Nossiter

75H G-Rhianna Reynolds/S-Maya Magnay/B-Maeve Shaw

HJ G-Rhianna Reynolds/Sx2 Anna Harvey& Mollie O’Sullivan/no bronze

PV G-Sophie Dimbleby/S-Rhianna Reynolds/B-Rebecca Keddie

LJ G-Rhianna Reynolds/S-Holly Beighton/B-Ella Eze

SP G-Jody Edwards/S-Holly Beighton/B-Ella Norman

DT Gx2 Sophie Dimbleby & Rhianna Reynolds/no silver/B-Ella Norman

HT G-Jody Edwards/S-Isabelle Dodd/B-Ella Norman

JT G-Sophie Dimbleby/S-Lucille Fletcher/B-Ella Norman

Under 13 Girls

100 G-Pippa Earley/S-Eleanor McDonnell/B-Annabel Hobday

200 G-Pippa Earley/S-Lucy Tunnacliffe/B-Darcy Bourne

800 G-Pippa Earley/S-Annabel Hobday/B-Hannah Lester

1500 G-Kathryn Bartle/S-Annabel Hobday/B-Eleanor Bibby

70H G-Pippa Earley/S-Darcy Bourne/B-Amelia Bell

HJ Gx3 Hannah Lester & Darcy Bourne & Lauren Betts/no silverorbronze

LJ G-Pippa Earley/S-Darcy Bourne/B-Eleanor McDonnell

SP G-Lucy Tunnacliffe/S-Lauren Betts/B-Eleanor Bibby

DT G-Hettie Arnfield/S-Kathryn Bartle/Eleanor Bibby

JT G-Darcy Bourne/S-Eleanor Bartle/B-Lucy Tunnacliffe

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