id1591-Kingston & Poly All Time Lists Women's 4x100 Relays

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These Lists encompass the performances of First Claim members of Surrey AC Ladies, then Royal Borough of Kingston AC, until the merger with the Polytechnic Harriers in 1985 AND the First Claim performances of members of Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers (names shown in blue) from 1985 to date.

K&P ALL TIME RANKINGS (First Claim Marks Only)

4x100 metres Relay

(Club Record: 48.92 Lucy Atkins/ Kira Holt/ Tobi Afilaka/ Madison Hutton) (to: 53.2)

1) 48.92 Lucy Atkins (U17), Kira Holt (U17), Tobi Afilaka (U17), Madison Hutton (U17)

Olympic Park 20/07/2019

2) 49.42 Mae Thompson, Nicole Kendall, Ellie Arnfield, Louisa Stoney (U20 & Senior)

iSutton 08/09/2019

3) 50.3 Sasheana Gordon, Sarah Harris, Claire Stonestreet, Dominique Blaize(U20 & U17)

Kingston 24/04/2004

4) 50.7 Claire Stonestreet, Sarah Harris, Lana Whatley, Dominique Blaize (U20 & U17)

Eton 30/04/2005

5=) 50.8 Samantha Munro, Jayne Connolly, Anne Markham, Amanda Brown

Welwyn 26/05/1990

5=) 50.8 Roseanne Mackay, Mary Iheke, Sasheana Gordon, Dominique Blaize

Milton Keynes 24/06/2006

7) 50.9 Gillian Church, Maureen Chitty, Christine Timms, Pam Belton

Norbiton 04/09/1971

8) 51.0 Kira Holt (U15), Lucy Atkins (U15), Freya John (U15), Tobi Afilaka (U15)

Kingston 21/07/2018

9) 51.1 Nicole Kendall, Lauren Edwards, Layla Thompson, Mae Thompson (U17)

Walton 21/07/2012

10) 51.16 Harriet Lester, Mary Iheke, Roseanne Mackay, Dominique Blaize

Haringey 15/04/2006

11) 51.2 Lana Whatley, Sasheana Gordon, Sarah Harris, Dominique Blaize (U17)

Copthall 15/06/2003

12=) 51.3 Gillian Church, Pamela Belton, Annette Roberts, Maureen Chitty

Carshalton 10/06/1972

12=) 51.3 Samantha Munro, Barbara Hawley, Amanda Brown, Joanne Kellard

Kingston 06/06/1992

12=) 51.3 Dominique Blaize, Sarah Harris, Sarah Atkins, Charlie Gale (U17)

Worthing 01/08/2004

15) 51.39 Imogen Busa (U20), Isabella Shepherd-Evans (U20), Lucy Tunnacliffe (U20), Maria-Sofia Pascali (U20)

Sutton 08/09/2019

16=) 51.5 Lana Whatley, Sasheana Gordon, Mary Iheke, Dominique Blaize

Bromley 26/04/2008

16=) 51.5 Lana Whatley, Emily Harriman, Sasheana Gordon, Dominique Blaize

Haringey 22/05/2004

18) 51.6 Anne Markham, Joanne Kellard, Amanda Brown, Virginie Roman

Bedford 11/05/1991

19=) 51.8 Charlie Gale, Sarah Harris, Sasheana Gordon, Dominique Blaize (U20 & U17)

Kingston 21/05/2005

19=) 51.8 Harriet Lester, Sarah Harris, Roseanne Mackay, Mary Iheke

Erith 15/07/2006

21) 51.9 Lucy Jones (*I), Jo Butcher, Maria Joslyn, Nicky Mills

Croydon 30/05/1998

22=) 52.0 Sally Read-Cayton, Claire Bessant, Bronwen Cooper, Samantha Munro

Kingston 01/07/1989

22=) 52.0 Lizzie Benn, Joanne Kellard, Kate Brown, Amanda Brown

Crawley 22/06/1991

22=) 52.0 Samantha Munro, Clare Gambriel, Joanne Kellard, Amanda Brown

Rochester 01/08/1992

22=) 52.0 Harriet Lester, Roseanne Mackay, Emily Kneebone, Mary Iheke (U17)

Woking 04/06/2006

22=) 52.0 Eleanor Bartle (U17), Katy Lord, Caitlin Dimbleby (U20), Nicole Kendall

Aldershot 08/07/2017

22=) 52.0 Jemima Harcourt (U15), Kira Holt (U15), Lucy Atkins (U15), Freya John (U15)

Aldershot 08/07/2017

28) 52.01 Mica Powell, Rhianna Reynolds, Sophie Dimbleby, Ella Eze

Sutton 13/09/2014

29=) 52.1 Lizzie Benn, Jayne Connolly, Andrea Ford, Amanda Brown

Harrow 06/05/1990

29=) 52.1 Alanna Dearden, Andrea Ford, Amanda Brown, Sally Read-Cayton

Bracknell 19/06/1993

29=) 52.1 Clare Gambriel, Kathryn Burley, Lucy Jones (*I), Liz Patrick

Battersea 26/04/1997

29=) 52.1 Roseanne Mackay, Mary Iheke, Chyna Vincent , Dominique Blaize

Portsmouth 28/07/2007

29=) 52.1 Ella Eze, Mica Powell, Rhianna Reynolds, Amy Counihan

Sutton 31/05/2014

34=) 52.2 Anne Markham, Bronwen Cooper, Joanne Kellard, Amanda Brown

Kingston 27/04/1991

34=) 52.2 Jayne Connolly, Anne Markham, Samantha Munro, Gill Hague

Kingston 08/05/1988

34=) 52.2 Clare Gambriel, Lucy Jones (*I), Maria Joslyn, Liz Patrick

Kingston 07/06/1997

34=) 52.2 Lana Whatley, Harriet Lester, Liz Davidson (néePatrick), Dominique Blaize

Kingston 30/08/2008

34=) 52.2* (no gun) Ella Eze, Pippa Earley, Rhianna Reynolds, Amy Counihan (U15)

Ashford 03/05/2014

39=) 52.3 Sharon Holley, Samantha Munro, Claire Bessant, Melanie Luke

Kingston 30/05/1987

39=) 52.3 Sarah Atkins, Emily Harriman, Sasheana Gordon, Dominique Blaize

Eton 07/08/2004

39=) 52.3 Clare Gambriel, Kathryn Burley, Maria Joslyn, Lucy Jones (*I)

Portsmouth 17/05/1997

39=) 52.3 Harriet Lester, Roseanne Mackay, Lucy Jones (*II), Mary Iheke (U15)

Sutton 26/06/2005

43=) 52.4 Maureen Chitty, Gail Allnutt, Annette Roberts, Vanessa Fink

Aldershot 28/05/1973

43=) 52.4 Andrea Ford, Alanna Dearden, Joanne Kellard, Amanda Brown

Kingston 24/06/1993

43=) 52.4 Harriet Lester, Roseanne Mackay, Amy Simmons, Mary Iheke (U17)

Guildford 06/05/2006

43=) 52.4 Claire Stonestreet, Danielle Ayres, Sarah Harris, Dominique Blaize (U17)

Kingston 09/05/2004

47=) 52.5 Vilma Thompson, Anne Markham, Samantha Munro, Gill Hague

Kingston 28/05/1988

47=) 52.5 Samantha Munro, Kate Brown, Amanda Brown, Joanne Kellard

Kingston 05/05/1991

47=) 52.5 Harriet Lester, Roseanne Mackay, Charlie Ambidge, Mary Iheke (U17)

Kingston 08/09/2007

50=) 52.6 Melanie Luke, Lorraine Poulson, Sharon Holley, Helen Gibbens (U17)

Crystal Palace 13/07/1986

50=) 52.6 Joanne Passley, Samantha Munro, Claire Bessant, Melanie Luke

Basildon 20/06/1987

50=) 52.6 Emily Harriman, Sarah Harris, Sasheana Gordon, Claire Stonestreet

Abingdon 03/07/2004

53=) 52.7 Jayne Connolly, Anne Markham, Samantha Munro, Lisa Clarke

Hendon 04/09/1988

53=) 52.7 Letitia Beisly, Kathryn Burley, Sarah Lindsay, Olivia Jelley (U15)

Walton 19/09/1993

53=) 52.7 Liz Patrick, Lucy Jones (*I), Clare Gambriel, Olivia Jelley

Wimbledon 19/07/1997

53=) 52.7 Harriet Lester, Roseanne Mackay, Lucy Jones (*II), Charlie Ambidge (U17)

Kingston 20/05/2007

53=) 52.7 Mary Iheke, Harriet Lester, Roseanne Mackay, Sasheana Gordon

Kingston 02/09/2006

58=) 52.8 Melanie Luke, Sharon Holley, Claire Bessant, Joanne Passley

Kingston 10/05/1987

58=) 52.8 Sally Read-Cayton, Bronwen Cooper, Joanne Passley, Jayne Connolly

Southampton 02/09/1989

58=) 52.8 Clare Gambriel, Nicky Mills, Olivia Jelley, Liz Patrick

Southend 02/09/1995

61=) 52.9 Linda Drew, Jackie Rawson, Gail Allnutt, Vanessa Fink (U15)

Bracknell 14/08/1971

61=) 52.9 Debbie Dewar, Gill Hague, Samantha Munro, Vilma Thompson

Woking 16/07/1988

61=) 52.9 Samantha Munro, Anne Markham, Jayne Connolly, Claire Poulson(née Bessant)

Walthamstow 02/09/1990

61=) 52.9 Lizzie Benn, Andrea Ford, Barbara Hawley, Amanda Brown

Battersea 11/04/1992

61=) 52.9 Dominique Blaize, Sasheana Gordon, Sarah Harris, Fiona Sunley

Kingston 26/04/2003

61=) 52.9 Chyna Vincent , Roseanne Mackay, Sasheana Gordon, Dominique Blaize

Peterborough 01/09/2007

67=) 53.0 Amanda Brown, Barbara Hawley, Lizzie Benn, Anne Markham

Deansgate 20/07/1991

67=) 53.0 Clare Gambriel, Sally Read-Cayton, Amanda Brown, Joanne Kellard

Walthamstow 25/04/1992

67=) 53.0 Clare Gambriel, Helen Bullock, Liz Patrick, Olivia Jelley

Kingston 03/06/1995

67=) 53.0 Harriet Lester, Anna Schlerf, Emily Kneebone, Mary Iheke

Bromley 07/07/2007

67=) 53.0 Roseanne Mackay, Harriet Lester, Lucy Jones (*II), Emily Kneebone (U17)

Watford 22/07/2007

67=) 53.0 Lana Whatley, Sarah Harris, Alice Brooker, Dominique Blaize (U17)

Watford 18/05/2003

73) 53.18 Melanie Luke, Sharon Holley, Yvette Brown, Samantha Munro

Crystal Palace 30/08/1987


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