id1672-2014 K&P U17 Men Track & Field Rankings

Written by PJAW   

* denotes performance ineligible for Club Championships


11.4 Alex Parkinson 1 Kingston 12th July

11.9* Alex Meaklim 2 Lee Valley 15th May

12.1 Nick Osman 3 Perivale 27th April

12.2 Souleyman Bah 4 Kingston 18th May

12.8 Max Chan 5 Kingston 29th June


23.7 Alex Parkinson n/s Battersea 21st June

25.3 Max Chan 5 Guildford 27th July

25.56* (-0.1) Oscar Tyrrell 8 Kingston 24th May

25.7 Oscar Tyrell 6 Sutton 1st June


54.6 Harry Reynolds 3 Battersea 21st June

55.7 Alex Meaklim 5 Perivale 27th April

56.1 Joshua Hall 4 Sutton 1st June


2:01.11* Harry Reynolds 2 Eton 19th April

2:07.51* Joshua Hall 4 Kingston 24th May

2:07.58* Chris Cecil 5 Mile End 7th July

2:07.6 Neil Wellard 3 Perivale 27th April

2:09.5 Chris Cecil 1 Kingston 29th June

2:10.1 Joshua Hall 3 Kingston 18th May

2:53.5 William Gwynne 4 Abingdon 19th April


4:16.21* Harry Reynolds 1 Wimbledon 6th April

4:16.26* Neil Wellard 15 Watford 30th July

4:21.6 Harry Reynolds 3 Perivale 27th April

4:25.8 Neil Wellard 2 Guildford 27th July

4:33.87* Chris Cecil 7 Kingston 25th May

4:40.7 Chris Cecil 2 Coulsdon 8th June

5:05.5 Joshua Hall 4 Kingston 29th June


9:19.14* Neil Wellard 3 Kingston 14th June

9:38.8 Neil Wellard 2 Perivale 27th April


14.3 Alex Parkinson 1 Guildford 27th July

14.82* (+0.1) Darren Meaklim 7 Crystal Palace 16th August

15.2 Darren Meaklim 1 Kingston 29th June


45.9 Alex Parkinson/Alex Meaklim/Nick Osman/Darren Meaklim

2 Kingston 29th June

46.8 Alex Parkinson/Nick Osman/Alex Meaklim/Darren Meaklim

1 Perivale 27th April

48.1 ?/?/?/? 3 Guildford 27th July


4:04.7 Chris Cecil/Leon Newell/Neil Wellard/Joshua Hall

3 Kingston 29th June


1.80* Gabriel Finch 4 Kingston 25th May

1.76 Gabriel Finch 2 Perivale 27th April

1.65 Darren Meaklim 3 Perivale 27th April

1.49* Harry Reynolds 9 Lee Valley 15th May


3.22*i William Gwynne 1 Sutton 21st September

2.60* William Gwynne 1 Kingston 24th May

2.40 William Gwynne 6 Abingdon 19th April


5.99* (+0.4) Alex Meaklim 6 Crystal Palace 16th August

5.84* (+1.0) Darren Meaklim 7 Crystal Palace 16th August

5.81 Alex Meaklim 2 Kingston 29th June

5.35 Darren Meaklim 2 Kingston 29th June

5.17 Max Chan 2 Kingston 29th June

4.60 Souleyman Bah 6 Perivale 27th April


13.40* Alex Meaklim 1 Lee Valley 15th May

12.67 Alex Meaklim 1 Kingston 29th June

11.11 Souleyman Bah 1 Guildford 27th July

10.09 Nick Osman 1 Perivale 27th April

SP 5k

9.61 Souleyman Bah 5 Perivale 27th April

7.51 Leon Newell 6 Sutton 1st June

SP 6k

8.71 Oscar Tyrrell 3 Kingston 29th June

6.92 Leon Newell 2 Kingston 29th June

DT 1.5k

31.61* Oscar Tyrrell 7 Kingston 25th May

27.90 Oscar Tyrrell 5 Sutton 1st June

11.95 Harry Reynolds 6 Perivale 27th April

JT 700

36.74* Oscar Tyrell 6 Kingston 14th June

34.91* Harry Robinson 5 Kingston 25th May

33.11 Leon Newell n/s Kingston 18th May

32.83 Oscar Tyrrell n/s Kingston 18th May

15.77 Max Chan 3 Guildford 27th July

JT 800

35.82 Oscar Tyrell 1 Sutton 1st June

23.50 Nick Osman 2 Perivale 27th April

HT 5k

17.45 Leon Newell 4 Sutton 1st June

HT 6k

13.89 Souleyman Bah 3 Sutton 1st June


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