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Welcome to all New Members!

Thank you for choosing to join us at KACPH (K&P), which is a local, friendly Club competing at high level in many areas of Track & Field (T&F) Athletics, Road and Cross-Country.

It is open to all competing athletes from 8 years of age to Masters (formerly Veteran Men & Women 35+) and has no special joining standards, except enthusiasm!

K&P welcomes parents and associated supporters at all times, and offers recreational athletics as well as competition at all levels.

The Club has its own private gym providing Olympic free-weights training, and is available for K&P athletes to join through our Database, at an additional fee used for maintenance and upkeep.

We hope you enjoy your Membership with K&P in whatever capacity you have chosen, and we thank you in advance for your support.

Some important background information before joining the Club:

It is necessary to clarify that membership of K&P is quite separate from the Kestrel Club, which is a training group organised and owned by Momentum Sports.

Parents of Juniors who wish to join the Kestrels are asked to follow this link, where they will find an email section for enquiries:

Most Juniors from the Kestrel Club become K&P Members, as it is through an athletics club that access to League, County and National competition is allowed for T&F athletes of all ages, and under UKA/EA rules.

The Club retains a few training groups separate from Momentum and the Kestrels, but are linked under the coaching structure designed for athletes to compete in the K&P teams.

Finally, although the Club is based at Kingsmeadow in Norbiton ( 422a. Kingston Rd. KT1 3PB) , K&P Membership is quite separate from Kingsmeadow Fitness Centre membership (now the WeirArcher Athletics & Fitness Centre. 020 8547 2198), offering a gym, fitness courses, and which is managed by "Places for People".

Joining K&P:

K&P moved its Club Membership to an online database system, managed by JCT Sports Solutions, which provides all Members with an easily accessible way of updating their information; making payments online and receiving online notices and bulletins from the Club.

This move from the traditional paper system has significantly reduced the workload on Club Volunteers; is helping to keep costs low and provides Club Officers with access to information they need to run the Club.

As we are a Club which prides itself on the personal touch, we would like to hear from New Members prior to them accessing the Database to join. Therefore, please email Club Membership Secretary, Gillian Libretto, on [** This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it **](mailto:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

) (mob: 07730 955701).

She will advise on issues such as moving between clubs; sharing clubs for 1st or 2nd claim status, Club subscriptions and Junior Membership.

2019 Subscriptions to join K&P:

£45.00 Family Membership

This is based on two or more people living at the same permanent address/postcode, and not as before such as close relatives (eg. aunts/cousins) living elsewhere.

£30.00 Over 20's(Senior Men/Women & Masters/ Veterans 35+)

£25.00 Under 20's

Full time students, second-claim and unemployed. Students with temporary accommodation will still need to register themselves living with parents, if all in the family are to benefit from the reduced Family Subscription.

£0.00 Others

Life Members; Vice President; Associate Member; K&P Coach Higher Claim Athlete( HCA); Non-competitive Member; Official; Patron and Volunteers, and the Unwaged.

Additional Costs for Membership:


These are gratefully received via the Database for General Club Funds, Travel for away fixtures and Team expenses, and for the Club's Welfare Fund which supports any Club Member in need. There is a Gift Aid box to tick for tax-payers.

"100 Club":

Monthly payments of £1.00 helps K&P with fund-raising and gives Members a chance for some monthly winnings, with bonanza wins at the year end. Debbie Raymond is our "100 Club" Secretary (See Contact List on the Main Menu)

£15.00 England Athletics (EA) Affiliation fees:

This fee must be paid by ALL competing athletes over the age of 11 years for their participation in League, County and National competitions. Each registered athlete receives an EA registration number necessary for National Rankings and in order to enter major competitions.

EA registration runs from April to April and unfortunately, sometimes athletes joining later in the year for the winter fixtures, may find they have to renew again for the following T&F season. New Members requiring an EA number must first complete their personal profile on the JCT Sports Solutions database and pay their Club Subscription. They then need to go on to the EA request section of the database and separately request that their information is sent to EA. EA then This process may take up to 10 days so plenty of time needs to be allowed for this process.

£20.00 K&P Competition Vest

ALL competing athletes under United Kingdom Athletics (UKA) rules must purchase a competition vest in their Club colours, which for K&P are: half royal blue, half black with a separating white diagonal stripe. Once payment for a vest order is made online through the Club's database, vests can be collected from Membership Secretary, Gillian Libretto, by arrangement.

It is customary for a competing athlete on joining K&P, to pay the yearly Subscription fee and the cost of a competition vest at the same time, as our Database provides Members with the facility to select and pay both together.

Yearly Subscriptions end on the 31st December and are renewed from January each year.

New Members joining at the end of the Track & Field season in September receive an extra 4 months Membership, as their renewal date is 16 months later in the following January.

Online Payments for New Individual Members

If this is the first visit to the site please go to:

Please register, create your own Username and Password and fill in your Registration details.

Some potential new Members already have access to the Database with their username and password because of other links (such as K&P Open Throws /Disability Meeting; Surrey Masters Championships or K&P Gym Member).

They will be able to pay their K&P Subscriptions directly and update their Membership details when they log in to:

Once logged in or registered, click the "Subscriptions" tab at the top of the screen, then under the "Kingston Athletics Club and Polytechnic Harriers" heading, click "View subscription and pay".

Tick the relevant boxes and click "Add to booking".

The Direct Debit will renew at the start of February each year. Please do not cancel your mandate once it has been set up, unless you are leaving the Club or changing the amount you pay each year.

Once you have made your Subscription booking, follow links back to your Account Page and complete all the fields to complete your profile, including ticking the correct type of Member you are for example: 1st Claim Athlete to K&P, Coach, Official etc.

Parents of Under 18 Members:

Please note that K&P requires the main contact details to be your child, the Junior athlete, on application.

There is a section for Parents/ Guardians to fill in the Database and the first listed Parent/ Guardian's email address & phone number will be the one used for contact from the Club.

New Family Members

If this is your first visit to the site please go to :

Please register, create your own Username and Password and fill in your Registration Details.

If you already have a username and password please visit to Log in:

Register and complete the profile for every family member. It is important that you enter the address details in EXACTLY the same way for each Members, as this address links the Family memebrship together. Once all the profiles have been added, select the OLDEST family member, log in their account and click the "Subscriptions" tab at the top of the screen, then under the "Kingston Athletics Club and Polytechnic Harriers" heading, click "View Subscription and Pay".

Tick the Family Booking boxes and click "Add to Booking" .

Please note the following:

1. Please remember that Family membership is based upon people living at the same address/ postcode.

2. If you select Family membership, you will be registered as the Paying Member of the Family.

3. Other members of your family will need to register and update their profile without making a subscription payment.

4. When the Paying member of the Family returns to their Account Page they will need to identify the other members of their Family by ticking the boxes next to each one.

5. Once you have made your Subscription booking, follow the links back to your Account Page and complete all the fields to complete your profile, including signing that you have read and understood K&P's Club Rules.

Requirements for Membership:

1. The correct annual subscription is to be paid according to the subscription type required by Family or Individual.

April is the month when final email reminders for Renewal will be sent after which time Membership will be suspended if no payment is made in order to establish any extenuating circumstances.

2. Should a Member of K&P wish to leave the Club for any reason, Club Rules dictate that a letter of resignation is to be sent to the Club's General Secretariat (see Contact List), and England Athletics also has to be informed if an athlete is moving to another Club.

This can be done through EA's website:

It is also expected that Coaches are informed of an athlete's intentions to leave the Club, as a matter of courtesy.

3. Members can be second claim to K&P whilst being a member of another UKA club, but cannot be a first claim member of two clubs concurrently.

New members must be alerted to the fact that inter-club transfers MUST go through EA regulations AND they must resign formerly from their original club, before they can be accepted into K&P's Membership.

4. ALL competing athletes must be in possession of a competition vest which is worn at all competitions under UKA rules, and ALL must be EA affiliated.

5. All members must adhere to the Rules of our Club, Track Rules during training sessions and abide by our Code of Conduct at all times whilst representing the Club in any capacity. Members are encouraged to refer to the Club's Welfare Officers if they experience any problems in this area. The new Welfare Team are Louise Doherty, Tom Parry (see Contact List).

6. All Members must be registered on our Database and take individual (or parental) responsibility keep their profiles updated, unless there are extenuating circumstances accepted by Membership.

Members who do not pay Subscription fees will all need to select their type of Subscription on the Database in the same way as all other Members.

A Note from our Webmaster, Les Hatton, about Emails

Do not assume that all emails get to their destination such as those issued by our K&P Database.

You may have to check in your Spam/Junk Folders as transactional emails may get falsely recognised by your Mail Servers as Spam.

Communication from the Club is only as good as the correct and updated emails, home addresses and phone numbers given by Members on the Database or through the Membership Secretaries.

It is therefore the responsibility of each athlete, or parent for a Junior, to login into our Database to update or complete their profiles. Failure to do so might result in individual details being excluded in the reports from the Database to Team Managers, who register for their respective leagues, and details needed for EA registration will not be available.

This could even result in athletes missing an opportunity to represent their Club.


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