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February 2016.

The Membership Database

Information in this document serves to clarify to current and new Club Members about how KACPH now functions after upgrading its administrative procedures as a UK Athletics & England Athletics (UKA & EA) affiliated club.

Updating the Club's recording of Members' details

In 2014, KACPH (K&P) moved its Club Membership to an online database system in line with modern practice following the Data Protection Act (1998), and to allow the Club easy access to data required by our governing bodies UKA and EA.

Our Database has provided all Members with an easily accessible way of updating their information; making payments online and to receive online notices and bulletins from the Club.

This move from the traditional paper system has significantly reduced the workload on Club Volunteers; is helping to keep costs low and provides Club Officers with access to information they need to run the Club.

Most of our 400 Members have signed up with Usernames and Passwords, registered and paid online for 2016, and are now familiar with the processes and instructions required.

It is encouraging that new Members are beginning to do the same.

Membership Data Protection.

All K&P Membership information is held in secure form on a Database as required by the Data Protection Act 1998, and Club Official Camilla Thrush, the Club's Data Controller, is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to handle personal data and to ensure it is used securely within the Club.

Camilla's company, "JCT Sports Solutions" (JCTSS) provided the Database, which has been an existing and working database for Track & Field Athletics (T&F)for some time, and was set up initially for JCTSS by "Traffic Web Development" (TWD), which continues to support both JCTSS and the technical needs of K&P.

TWD works also in consultation with K&P's Webmaster and Chairman, Les Hatton.

Why use the JCT Sports Solutions Database?

By accessing space within JCTSS's database on which to store K&P's Membership Data, the move has saved the Club a great deal of money, because starting from scratch and buying in database development from a commercial company, would have been largely out of reach for a voluntary club such as K&P.

Camilla's job in maintaining our Database is entirely voluntary, but the Club paid Stephen Elford from TWD to adapt JCTSS's database to include K&P's Data.

The Club will continue to pay him to modify our Database whenever bespoke work needs to be done, and according to K&P's developing needs. There is still some refining to attend to in the way some of our data is accessed.

Why does the Database seem complicated?

Membership information kept by T&F clubs provides complex data relationships not present in simple database systems used by retail, schools and other institutions. A few examples are as follows:

1. EA only deals with individual athletes because of EA registration numbers and does not recognise K&P's category of Family Membership.

2. All UKA T&F clubs have traditionally since their various voluntary inaugurations, had an administration year set between January and the end of December in any one year.

However, EA as a business, has its administrative year set between April and the end of March.

3. Our Database has to cope with changing Age-Groups.

The K&P Database is only as good as the correct and relevant information which its Membership enters into the system, so it is essential for Members to update their profiles on a regular basis.

Any Members who have still to sign up to the Database and update their details, are reminded that Club Officials will not be able to access their addresses and other information for competitions and other Club functions until they do. They are respectfully asked to read the instructions carefully and sign up to the Database as soon as possible.

Club Officers and the K&P Database

Only Camilla Thrush, Gillian Libretto (Membership Secretary) and Mary Dimbleby (Assistant) have full access to all information in the Database.

Club Officers such as Team Managers, the Club General Secretary etc., have access to restricted information to enable them to fulfil their Club duties.

In line with ICO regulations, a full list of who has access to what information on our Database will be available on the “Club Officers” page on our website in due course.

Opting out of the Database

It is the prerogative of Club Members to decide to opt-out of the Membership Database scheme should they wish for any particular reason, in which case their regular bulletins from the Club will be handled by the General Secretary or Membership Secretary, and sent by post.

This is not a problem, as it is also recognised that some Club Members may only have restricted access to a computer, or not at all.

However, their Membership details will be kept in paper form by the Membership Secretary but will still have to be collated for statistical purposes required by our governing bodies.

Paper Membership Forms are still available from the Main Menu as downloadable forms to either send by post with a payment cheque, or to scan across online to the Membership Secretary and pay online through the Database, or again by posting a cheque.

Membership Data for UKA and EA Statistics

Organisations such as Sport England and England Athletics require all clubs to report on their Membership Data. This allows the Club to access grants from these organisations, and also to show evidence that K&P is an inclusive club and open to all, in line with accepted best practice and will help to ensure that we gain Clubmark sports quality accreditation from EA.

Therefore there will be some additional information alongside Members' personal details and event information, which Members may not have been asked for initially on joining the Club prior to the Club conforming to the requirements of the DPA.

This additional information is used only to report statistics, not names, so personal information will not be sent to any third party or used for marketing purposes, in line with ICO requirements.

Declaration of Health Issues

Finally, Team Managers and Coaches will need to be aware of any health issues which might arise during training or competing and the Club hopes these will be declared by all Members, and particularly by parents on behalf of their children.

However, please be assured that this information will be very tightly managed and controlled with additional support from the Club's Welfare Officers, Cashel Riordan and Gillian Libretto.


If you have any concerns at all about the information requested, please contact Camilla Thrush via the "Contact us" link in the Database.

All Club Officers who access the information from the Database have signed agreements to abide by the Data Protection Regulations and not disclose information to others, and these agreements will be supervised by the Club's accredited Data Controller, Camilla Thrush.

Finally, the Club needs to re-iterate to all its Members, that it cannot adhere to present and future governance requirements of UKA athletics without the above procedures.

Since KACPH has been forced to implement current governance requirements, the Club has responded by carrying them out in a manner which has minimised the considerable impact on its willing volunteer helpers (which includes fellow Members of the Club's Executive Committee), who allow the Club to function throughout each season, and for which the Club is forever grateful.

Les Hatton. Webmaster.

Gillian Libretto. Membership.

Camilla Thrush. Data Controller.


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